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eva4400 preferred path

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eva4400 preferred path



Not sure if this should be in SAN storage or not but here goes.


I have an eva4400 with 2 node HPUX 11.31 cluster.


Each node has a single dual port HBA.


The vdisks have been configured as "No Preference".


If i go through the the luns and split up the heavy users evenly across the controllers using Failover/Failback would this load balance the traffic?


Is this supported in 11.31?


Do i need do anything special to make this work and can i update it on the fly?


Thank you.


Patrick Wallek
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Re: eva4400 preferred path

In 11.31, with the new I/O stack and persistent DSF's, the theory is that you should not have to manually manage the alternate paths.  HP-UX is supposed to do everything for you automatically.

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Re: eva4400 preferred path

i'll take it. nice work.