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'evainfo' tool.

Kennedy G. Doss
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'evainfo' tool.



       I have suddenly inherited a bunch of old HP-UX Servers (some of them as old as the K - 570s etc). Most of them are still running 11.00. I see that they are connected to EVA Arrays.


      I tried to run the latest version of evainfo - but it looks like the ones written for 11.11, 11.23 and 11.31 do not work on this outdated version of this OS. Not sure if anyone has an old version of evainfo. If you do could you please send it to me?


If you have a script to pull out the Vendor Name/Product ID, Size etc from diskinfo that would help as well.






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Re: 'evainfo' tool.

When 11.00 was current, the EVA was still from compaq (not HP) and active/passive - not yet supported by hp-ux. So I think there was no version for this OS release.

Hope this helps!

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