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ext3-fs error ext3_readdir - help !!

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ext3-fs error ext3_readdir - help !!

Hi ,

i reboot linux to single user ,
when doing cd /etc i get :
ext3-fs error ext3_readdir

how do i run fsck ?

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Re: ext3-fs error ext3_readdir - help !!

What's the name and version of your Linux distribution?

In general, to run fsck on the root filesystem, the root filesystem must be mounted read-only. Most Linux distributions automatically run fsck on the root filesystem in the proper phase of the startup procedure if they detect it's necessary.

In principle:
- unmount all filesystems other than root, /proc, /dev, and /sys (Pre-2.6 kernels may not have all of these.)
- to get the root filesystem to read-only mode, use "mount -n -o remount,ro /".
- to run fsck, you need the device name of the root filesystem. Usually just "fsck /dev/" is OK.
- if the fsck makes any changes to the root filesystem, you should reboot after the fsck is complete.

In practice, you should boot into single-user mode (using the boot option "single") for checking the root filesystem manually. Some distributions "helpfully" mount the root filesystem as read/write even when booting to single-user mode; with these, you may have to boot using the boot option "init=/bin/bash" to take control when the root filesystem is still in read-only state.

Note: When the root filesystem is read-only, the list of mounted filesystems reported by the "mount" command may be inaccurate (it reads /etc/mtab, which of course cannot be updated if the root fs is read-only). Use "cat /proc/mounts" to get accurate information about the mounted filesystems in this case.

If the /proc filesystem is not mounted, use "mount /proc" or "mount -t proc none /proc" to mount it. /proc is a virtual filesystem, and it should be always safe to mount.

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Re: ext3-fs error ext3_readdir - help !!

there was many missings file .

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