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fbackup(1102): WARNING: unable to stat file /var/spool/sockets/pwgr/client8127

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fbackup(1102): WARNING: unable to stat file /var/spool/sockets/pwgr/client8127

I visited previous forum on 'unable to stat file /var/spool/sockets/pwgr' but without finding how it was resolved. In my case, I have /var/spool in graph file. Someone please advise if any sub-directories in /var/spool/ should be excluded ? or how should this be resolved.

Also please advise on another type of fbackup warning that I am getting a few :
fbackup(3005): WARNING: file number ##### was NOT backed up

Any help and ideas will be appreciated.

James R. Ferguson
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Re: fbackup(1102): WARNING: unable to stat file /var/spool/sockets/pwgr/client8127

Hi Paul:

You can exclude the contents of the directory by adding to your graph:

e /var/spool/sockets/pwgr

Includes and excludes in 'fbackup' graphs can overlap. That is, you could _include_ '/var/spool/sockets' and then _exclude_ /var/spool/sockets/pwgr'. The graph file is sorted and analyzed by 'fbackup' before the actual backup begins.

You could also simply ignore the warning as other than generating a non-zero return code for 'fbackup' it is only a warning. It means that the file disappeared between the time the file system was scanned (and the file found) and the time when the backup process went to find and backup its data.

The warning "file number #### was NOT backed up" simply reflects what it says. The file either the file disappeared as noted above, or it was actively changing and was retried in another pass.

'fbackup' writes its index of files it *intends* to backup to the beginning of the tape.

When a file is ready to be transferred from disk to the tape, 'fbackup' notes the modification timestamp of the file. Upon trnsfer to tape the timestamp is interrogated again. If it is the same as that first noted, the copy is considered successful. If the timestamp is found to be different, the tape copy is marked "bad" and 'fbackp' retries the transfer again, until 'maxretries' are exhausted.

If a file cannot be successfully copied to tape after 'maxretries' attempts, an error is issued as noted. If you were to attempt to recover the file using 'frecover' you would find that 'frecover' would reject it.


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Re: fbackup(1102): WARNING: unable to stat file /var/spool/sockets/pwgr/client8127

You can exclude the /var/spool/sockets/pwgr/ directory from your backup.

The socket files there are created by the pwgrd daemon to speed up password file searches. They wouldn't need to be restored.

I'm not sure you'd need to restore anything in /var/spool/sockets for that matter.

I would include the cron and lp directories in /var/spool though.

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