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fbackup(1702): out of virtual memory

Frequent Advisor

fbackup(1702): out of virtual memory

i am experiencing out of virtual memory error while running fbackup.

My server is attached to a tape library containing 4 LTO2 drives.

A full fs backup is divided into 4 sets running all at the same utilizing the 4 tape drives.

Its strange that i only get the "out of memory error" in only 1 tape drive. For the rest its working just fine.

By the way here is my current swapinfo output

/> swapinfo -tam
dev 800 0 800 0% 0 - 1 /dev/vg00/lvol2
dev 32768 0 32768 0% 0 - 1 /dev/vg01/lvol9
reserve - 29768 -29768
memory 53062 36374 16688 69%
total 86630 66142 20488 76% - 0 -

Need your inputs on this one.

R.K. #
Honored Contributor

Re: fbackup(1702): out of virtual memory

What is the value of maxdsiz and what is the OS version?
Are all these tape drives identical?
Don't fix what ain't broke
Bill Hassell
Honored Contributor

Re: fbackup(1702): out of virtual memory

fbackup will store all the names of the files in memory. It will need to expand local memory to hold all lthese names, but if you have maxdsiz set to a small value, no program can grow larger than that value. Make sure maxdsiz is large enough to accommodate the largest program that you will be running. Setting it to 1000MB or even 2000MB is a good start.

Bill Hassell, sysadmin
Frequent Advisor

Re: fbackup(1702): out of virtual memory

here is my maxdsiz

â maxdsiz 4294963200 4294963200 Static N/A

All of my tape drives are identical.

I need to solve this issue.

As a temporary solution i divided the contents of my graph file and splitted it into 4 graph files containing a small number of filesystem to backup. Now I am using all four tape drives and backup is running.

I dont know the difference between having just one graph file containing all filesystems to backup compared to 4 graphs and using 4 tape drives. How does it affect the OS and why the out of memory error is being encountered.

Re: fbackup(1702): out of virtual memory

>total 86630 66142 20488 76%

It is hard to believe you are out of swapspace with 20 Gb free.

>maxdsiz 4294963200

fbackup is a 32 bit process, so it can only use 1 Gb minus the value of maxssiz.
What is maxssiz?

You might want to use top to look at the memory used for these fbackup processes.
Frequent Advisor

Re: fbackup(1702): out of virtual memory

maxssiz value:

maxssiz 401604608 401604608 Static N/A

Re: fbackup(1702): out of virtual memory

>maxssiz 401,604,608

That may be your problem. Some evil Fortran programmer has insisted you allow large stacks and cut your heap in half.

So you should regen your kernel to make it smaller, 80 Mb.
Or you can be kind and use fire to fight fire by using ulimit just before you invoke fbackup:
ulimit -s $(( 80 * 1024 ))