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fbackup with -o option for *.gz

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Orlando Decena Pimentel
Regular Visitor

fbackup with -o option for *.gz

Hello everyone, I'm trying to run a copy with the fbackup command and do not know if it's possible to exclude from Archie wildcards, type *.gz o distribution* ... etc ...

for example:

fbackup-f prufback.fback-i prufbackup /-e prufbackup / archiv *
fbackup-f prufback.fback-i prufbackup /-e prufbackup/archive.dist01 prufbackup / pruebafbackup.gz

You can do a exclude file with *. gz?
thank you very much.
Orlando Decena Pimentel
Regular Visitor

Re: fbackup with -o option for *.gz

sorry, I mean the option -e (exclude)
Steven E. Protter
Exalted Contributor

Re: fbackup with -o option for *.gz


From the man page.

-e path path specifies a tree to be excluded from the backup graph. This tree must be a subtree of part of the backup graph. Otherwise, specifying it will not
exclude any files from the graph. There is no limit on how many times the -e option can be specified.

-g graph graph defines the graph file. The graph file is a text
file containing the list of file names of trees to be
included or excluded from the backup graph. These
trees are interpreted in the same manner as when they
are specified with the -i and -e options. Graph file
entries consist of a line beginning with either i or e,
followed by white space, and then the path name of a
tree. Lines not beginning with i or e are treated as
an error. There is no default graph file. For
example, to back up all of /usr except for the subtree
/usr/lib, a file could be created with the following
two records:

With the graph file, you can create an exclude list of tiles to omit.

find /path -name *.gz > /tmp/exclude.list

The find command will let you create a file list for exclusion. That can be integrated into the graph file.

So, yes, with a little work you can do this job.

Steven E Protter
Owner of ISN Corporation
Orlando Decena Pimentel
Regular Visitor

Re: fbackup with -o option for *.gz

I thought so Steven, thank you very much for your response and your help, I've done with the option that says and it worked correctly.