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fence_ilo repace

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fence_ilo repace

I have a problem with fence_ilo, i want do a workaround, replacing fence_ilo wiyh my bash script.
Can anyone advise me how to replace fence_ilo in cluster.conf with my script ?
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Re: fence_ilo repace

I assume you've made your script to understand (or ignore, if necessary) all the same options and stdin parameters fence_ilo does, right?

The names of the fencing agents don't seem to be hardcoded into fenced, nor is there a standard list of fencing agents in any configuration file included in the cman RPM. So, the fencing daemon apparently simply calls the fencing agent using the name listed in the cluster configuration file as-is.

Place your script in /sbin/ directory on each node and mark it executable.

Then make a new copy of the cluster configuration file, increase the version number by one, and change the approriate
Test very carefully before using in a production environment.

Reiner Rottmann
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Re: fence_ilo repace

The cluster.conf is an xml file where you may store arbitrary data. As long as your fence_ilo agent knows how to parse the xml tags, you may specify any information you want.

Simply have a look at the original fencing agent to see what options the original fence_ilo agent should understand. They are simply read as commandline parameters.

See device_opt in:;a=blob_plain;f=fence/agents/ilo/;hb=HEAD

We have used the following enhanced ilo fencing agent in my old company with great success: