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file system

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file system

hi ,
we are using hp-ux-11i v3
in our system one v-par is getting /OPT is 100%
can any one suggest me.......
what should i have to do /

with warm Regards
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Re: file system


check do u have onlinejfs installed if not u need to boot in single user mode and extend the lv.


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Re: file system

You need bring down file system below 100% , then only it will allow to increase your file system,you need look for large file

cd /opt
du -sk *


find /opt -xdev -type f -size +5000000c -exec ll {} \; | sort -nk 5

If you have Online JFS, then you can extend the LV online,

#lvextend -L
#fsadm -F vxfs -b M /opt


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Re: file system

>VVS: you need look for large file

This won't work for /opt. All of the files there should be "read only" files for the product. If you remove one, you probably should remove the whole product tree.
(Of course there may be a chance of junk files being left there.)

If you need more space, you need to extend it or add symlinks to other filesystems.
Bill Hassell
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Re: file system

Always look for the biggest directories first:

du -kx | sort -rn | head -30

If there is an HP product that you do not use and it occupies a lot of space, you can use swremove to remove the product. You may have a poorly designed application that stores temporary files in /opt. Or /opt may simply be far too small (less than 1GB in size). In that case, you'll have to extend /opt. You can use the optional Online JFS tools to extend the filesystem or without these, reboot into single user and extend the lvol followed by extending the filesystem.

Bill Hassell, sysadmin
James R. Ferguson
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Re: file system


If you are looking to decrease the disk space utilization for the '/opt' filesystem and don't want to (or can't) enlarge it, please note this:

The appropriate way to delete product trees is to first ascertain if the product was installed with the Software Distributer tools ('swinstall'). If so, there is a record in the Installed Product Database (IPD) in '/var/adm/sw' that you want to correctly reflect the presence of the product. Use 'swremove' to remove SD-installed products in '/opt'.