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find out MP name from OS

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find out MP name from OS

Hi ,

Is there any way to find out the MP name of the integrity server from OS
Kapil Jha
Honored Contributor

Re: find out MP name from OS

As far as i know Not Possible, refer below thread.

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Sundar G
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Re: find out MP name from OS

As present in the link given by Kapil, the following command works in 11.31 . And i am able to see the MP LAN details.

/opt/sfm/bin/CIMUtil -e root/cimv2 HP_ManagementProcessor

Provided we need to check the SFM version.

swlist -l product SFM

In SFM-CORE C.06.00.07, it works fine. If you have two instance of SFM-CORE with different version installed (i dont know how it was possible), the command fails.

Pl try your luck !!!

- Sundar
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Re: find out MP name from OS

Hi, An example below

# /opt/sfm/bin/CIMUtil -e root/cimv2 HP_ManagementProcessor
Instance 0 :

UniqueIdentifier :
ControllerType : 3
OtherControllerType :
IPAddress :
Dedicated : 14
CreationClassName : HP_ManagementProcessor
Name : Management Processor
EnabledState : 2
OperationalStatus : 2
FirmwareRevision : E.002.029.000
LEDColour : 0
LEDBlinkRate : 0
NICCondition : 2
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