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find out multipath

Regular Advisor

find out multipath

how to know whether the multipathing is present in the server or its configured or not , the OS version is 11.11. please find the ioscan -fnC disk output below:

disk 15 0/2/0/ sdisk CLAIMED DEVICE IBM 2145
/dev/dsk/c14t0d2 /dev/rdsk/c14t0d2
disk 16 0/2/0/ sdisk CLAIMED DEVICE IBM 2145
/dev/dsk/c14t0d3 /dev/rdsk/c14t0d3
disk 17 0/2/0/ sdisk CLAIMED DEVICE IBM 2145
/dev/dsk/c14t0d4 /dev/rdsk/c14t0d4
disk 18 0/2/0/ sdisk CLAIMED DEVICE IBM 2145
Doug O'Leary
Honored Contributor

Re: find out multipath


From a straight ioscan, you can't identify if two ctds are pointing to the same physical device.

There is a way, though. I've attached a script called id_lv_disks which will go through the disks in an ioscan and check the vg header information against the volume groups in /etc/lvmtab.

It's not perfect - occasioanlly gets hung up on the dvd or cdrom; however, you should be able to update that fairly easily so it gets filtered out in your environment.

Hope that helps.

Doug O'Leary

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O'Leary Computers Inc
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Kapil Jha
Honored Contributor

Re: find out multipath

you can see in
vgdisplay -v
if this has alternate disk in PV section then it has multipathing.

for power path
#powermt display dev=all
if it returns a output then u have multipathing

if you have VxVM

check for vxdmpadm

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Re: find out multipath


i think lun indicates IBM .. so doubut multipath will be there , multi path is for EMC products.

Poermt display is the command check the lun paths. Check the s/w installed :)
Michal Kapalka (mikap)
Honored Contributor

Re: find out multipath


you could use this multipath SW :

EMC PowerPath
Hitachi HiCommand Dynamic Link Manager (HDLM)
HP StorageWorks Secure Path

- from the ioscan you are not able to identifiy if the multipath SW is installed and used, each multipath SW have a own commands.

Prasanth V Aravind
Trusted Contributor

Re: find out multipath

IBM 2145 !!!!

I think this is DS8K storage.. there are some mutilipathing software available on IBM.

You have to download "sdd" software installed on your system.

If you already installed this.

do enable multipathing.

cfgvpath -r ----> to create vpath
showvpath -l
datapath query essmap ----> to get vpath details.

Let me know the storage model name , so that i can suggest the correct multipathing software

Prasanth V Aravind
Trusted Contributor

Re: find out multipath

Hi Gany,

see this link.


sdd softwares are available for following IBM storage families

SDD Package for DS8000

SDD Package for DS6000

SDD Package for DS5000

SDD Package for DS3950

SDD Package for DS4000