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floating-point assist fault

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floating-point assist fault

We have an integrity server (ia64) with Oracle 10gr2 and we are getting the message "floating-point assist fault ai ip xxxxxxxxx" repeated many many times, and Oracle fails (the listener).
We are also losing network connection, so we don't know if the network losing is due to this error and after that oracle fails or if the losing of the network connection is causing this error.

We suspect the error is produced at OS level, because it occurs even when the DB is stopped.

Also observed that those "error" messages are displayed once every 10 minutes (or so).

Thanks for all help

Steven E. Protter
Exalted Contributor

Re: floating-point assist fault

Shalom Sharan,

The error has been encountered frequently on Itanium two systems.

I would update the OS using yum or up2date or whatever method your chosen distribution provides.

Not having provided us with an OS distribution, its hard to be more specific.

Steven E Protter
Owner of ISN Corporation
Occasional Advisor

Re: floating-point assist fault

Thanks for your prompt reply.

The OS which is installed on the server is the RedHat Enterprise Linux Advanced Server 4 update 5.

I have another question: If we install the ia32 compatibility package, would it degrade very much the performance with Oracle? Maybe it would be better for us to use the Oracle ia32 version.

Also, Why we are also losing network connection.