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frecover to a symbolic link

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frecover to a symbolic link

Hi Everyone,


I am trying to frecover to a symbolic link and I am getting the following error....


file ./mirror_backup exist but is not a directory.


And then it just hangs there.


Here is what I am doing... I split the mirrors and remount the mirror as /mirror_backup then create an fbackup tape. Now i want to restore the entire tape into a directory called data on another system. So i created a symbolic link in the / directory.


ln -s /data /mirror_backup


When try to do my frecover I get the above message


My frecover command is


frecover -xvf /dev/rmt/c0t0d0 -i /mirror_backup


What really had me bothered is that it worked earlier and i have no idea how i fat fingered it to work.


Any help would be greatly appreciated!!




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Re: frecover to a symbolic link

Found the problem....


I was testing with the same tape... Because of this, the time and date stamps were identical. So, the frecover would not overwrite the files. I needed to add the -o option to my command so that it overwrites regardles of the time and date stamp. Command now is...


frecover -xvof /dev/rmt/c0t0d0 -i /mirror_backup