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fs mounted

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fs mounted

what are the neccesary file systems needed to be mounted while starting an hp-ux server, before the / root file system gets mounted?


Re: fs mounted

I would think root gets mounted first. But then there is /stand/
James R. Ferguson
Acclaimed Contributor

Re: fs mounted


Only '/' needs to be mounted. This is the case if you boot into single-user mode. The '/sbin' and '/etc/ directories are not separate mountpoints and contain the essential commands and configuration you need for everything.

Never change 'root's default shell in '/etc/passwd'. It must be from '/sbin/sh'. This shell is built with static libraries instead of dynamic ones located in '/usr' so the '/usr' filesystem doesn't need to be mounted. Too, all of the LVM commands you need can be found in '/sbin' since these versions are built with archive libraries too.