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fsck in vxfs and hfs

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fsck in vxfs and hfs


for running the fsck on the root file system, is that required to go in lvm maintanence mode or it is possible to run in init 3 or single user mode.
can we run the fsck command on both the hfs and vxfs file system, if root is in vxfs or hfs format ?

How to go to the lvm maintanence mode.

what are all the steps to do the fsck check on the root file systems,

Thanks in advance....
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Re: fsck in vxfs and hfs

You need to boot into LVM maintenance mode to run a full fsck on the '/' file system.

Single user mode or other runlevel will not work since '/' is mounted automatically.

To get to LVM Maintenance mode:in PARISC

Interrupt the boot sequence at the '10 second' prompt

At the next prompt do: bo pri

When asked "Interact with ISL" say 'yes'

At the ISL prompt type: hpux -lm

Once at the # prompt, you will need to activate vg00 by doing: vgchange -a y vg00

Now you can do an fsck of your '/' volume. Do this by: fsck -y -o full /dev/vg00/rlvol3

When done, reboot the system.

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Re: fsck in vxfs and hfs


if ur new in interrupt the boot sequence at the '10 second' prompt

what u do is

in os

# setboot -b off.

so that it will stop @ PDC itself


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Re: fsck in vxfs and hfs

You can run fsck both on HFS and VXFS..

The difference being they are invoked from different locations, nothing else

/sbin/fs/hfs/fsck #for hfs

/sbin/fs/vxfs/fsck #for vxfs