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Occasional Contributor


i write

/dev/vg00/newfs /u05 vxfs rw,suid,nolargefiles,delaylog,datainlog 0 2

in /etc/fstab
but when go restart my server i don't show the partions.
Honored Contributor

Re: fstab

What is the output of mount /u05 ? Is it mounting properly ?
James R. Ferguson
Acclaimed Contributor

Re: fstab


As noted, what is the output of a 'mount' if you do it manually?

If you created the filesystem with 'largefiles' enabled, then the 'nolargefiles' mount() option is preventing the mount. Change it to 'largefiles' to match the underlying filesystem.


Mel Burslan
Honored Contributor

Re: fstab

another place to look at is /etc/rc.log file and finding the keyword "ERROR" in this file. Since some of the filesystems are mounting, there should be some sort of error message telling you why the filesystem is not being mounted.
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Doug O'Leary
Honored Contributor

Re: fstab


And, lastly, check the fstab file to see if anything is mounting under /u05 already, such as


That's one of my favorite boneheaded things to do...

The suggestion to check for ERROR in the rc.log, though, should point that out as well.

Doug O'Leary

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Re: fstab

>Shibin: What is the output of mount /u05?

Right. A "mount -a" would also use fstab's values and provide the error.
Occasional Contributor

Re: fstab

thanks alot,

i change nolargefile to largfile .