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Jose Luis

ftp permission

Hi everybody,
Please help me with this question:

I want to change the default permissions for files tranfered with ftp (644) to my user home from other server.
Can do I something for when the files to be transfered to remain permission with 664?
Does exist a hidden file in the user home it can set this permissions?

Thank's in advance.
Best Regards.
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Paul Sperry
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Re: ftp permission

you can set the umask for ftp in the /etc/inetd.conf file.

just add -u "###" to the end of the ftp line
Jose Luis

Re: ftp permission

Thank's Paul for your answer.
I think your solution is for all the system (all users) or not?
Can do I for my user home only?

Thank's a lot.
The UNIX world is the tenth planet in the solar system
James R. Ferguson
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Re: ftp permission

Hi Jose:

Have a look at the 'ftpaccess(4)' file. The 'upload' specifications should offer what you want.


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Re: ftp permission

This is an example from a production server running hp-ux 11i.

ftp stream tcp nowait root /usr/lbin/ftpd ftpd -l -i -o