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David Willams
Super Advisor


I have 4gig file to ftp from my hpux box to my desktop

I am using filezilla.. but it is showing a 23 hrs to download it...

Is there a better ftp tool ..

I know it also depends on the nwtk speed.. I have a 50 mbps network
Johnson Punniyalingam
Honored Contributor

Re: ftp

>>I have 4gig file to ftp from my hpux box to my desktop<<

i would zip <4 gig _ftp> file than try to ftp
should bit faster, Once you have download to your pc - use winzip to extract.

# gzip -9 <4gig_file>

once zip done

Use "WinSCP" ftp software from pc to download the file from the server
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David Willams
Super Advisor

Re: ftp

That's a nice tool... reduced my time to download by 6 hrs...

reduced from 23 hrs to 17hrs
Michael Steele_2
Honored Contributor

Re: ftp


I was wondering why you were using filezilla? And just didn't ftp from the PC command line and pull down the file.

17 hours for 4 GB???, hard to believe if your PC is from the office and on the company's network.

Please describe your connectivity?

I would also perform a traceroute from PC to server and verify the speed and duplex of all hops inbetween. If your on the companys network, this shouldn't be more than two or three.

This is the world of gigabite NIC's and networks. 17 hours maybe, between NY and Mexico.
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David Willams
Super Advisor

Re: ftp