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hardware problem

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hardware problem

hello; all

Ihave hpux11.00 server has 2 boottable hard disks and one of them has an error and it can't boot.
now i want to know this hard disk damgaed as media (hardware) or the data on it has corrupted i want to check that but how i don't know pleas help me
thanks a lot
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Re: hardware problem

You should try to boot from the second

menu> boot alt

then stop and do

ISL> hpux -lq

Does it work?

Hope this helps!

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Prashanth Waugh
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Re: hardware problem

Hi Manal,
1)while severe started booting it will ask sever is going to autoobot.that press any buution to
interrupt the boot process.
2)menu> boot alt
3) It will ask interact with ISL (y/N) Y
4)isl> hpux -lq
then system will boot
after that you can trouble shoot the faulty disk using below coomands. cinsider your device path here.
i have choosen /dev/rdsk/c0todo
1) ioscan -fnC disk
2) diskinfo /dev/rdsk/c0todo
3) dd if=/dev/rdsk/c0/t0/d0 of=/dev/null bs=1024

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