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I am using linux 4.5 64 bit os for itanium server. My application running fine in all itanium servers(ex 4 servers). SUddenly in one server all files aculumulating . IF you use these same applications in another server their its fine. Now i confirmed my application is not issue.

I want to know sometimes within a folder all file size keep on increasing. what might me the reason? One more sometimes if i create a folder or files , system automatically creates same folder or file end with '?' mark.

what is the reason.

Frank de Vries
Respected Contributor

Re: hi

Computers and OS are very stupid things.
They only do what is put into them.
If you have a program or script running that create things.

Check all processes with
ps -ef | more
and install 'lsof' to see what files the processes handle

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