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high sys mem

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high sys mem


could there be a reasonable explanation for using 5.6gb sys mem out of 16gb physical mem? seems far too high to me. glance shows:

Total VM : 10.5gb Sys Mem : 5.6gb User Mem: 7.0gb Phys Mem : 15.9gb
Active VM: 9.8gb Buf Cache: 2mb Free Mem: 2.8gb FileCache: 575mb
MemFS Blk Cnt: 0 MemFS Swp Cnt: 0

(that's on HP UX 11.31, ia64)
Rita C Workman
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Re: high sys mem

Possibly the only way to answer this is to say:
That all depends....

Depends on parm settings, depends on what is running, depends on what maybe isn't running but didn't release resources.

Not enough info in your query to give a response to.
Elaborate and they will respond.