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recently i have some issue i am trying to do rsh from windows xp box to hpux 11.x box for particular user.

i had upated in unix /home/avizen/.rhosts file with below line

avizenpc winavizen
avizenpc avizen

now when i try rsh unixhostname -l avizen ls -altr
will give below error.

unixhost remshd: Login incorrect.
rsh cant establish connection.

network side everying ok as i can do this same with some other windows pc.

anybody having any clue for this error,

unixhost remshd: Login incorrect.
rsh cant establish connection.

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Re: /home/.rhosts

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Re: /home/.rhosts

I hope the format you need to check in the /home/avizen/.rhosts.

It should be
Venkatesh BL
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Re: /home/.rhosts

from rsh manpage,
"...For security reasons, any $HOME/.rhosts file must be owned by either the
remote user or the root user, and should have permissions set to 600 (read
and write by owner only).

In addition to the preceding conditions, rsh also allows access to the
remote host if the remote user account does not have a password defined.
However, for security reasons, use of a password on all user accounts is

Can you check these on the unix box?
Sajjad Sahir
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Re: /home/.rhosts

Dear Avizen

When a non-root user attempts to connect to your host,
the /etc/hosts.equiv file is checked before $HOME/.rhosts.

If an entry is found in /etc/hosts.equiv, $HOME/.rhosts is not checked.

When a user attempts to connect to your host as root, the /etc/hosts.equiv
file is not checked. Only the /.rhosts file is checked.

Each $HOME/.rhosts file should be owned by the user of the home directory,
with permissions set to 0600 (-rw-------).

check the entries in /etc/inetd.conf on both machines. are they equal?
Should be like :

login stream tcp nowait root /usr/lbin/rlogind rlogind

thanks and regards

Sajjad sahir