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how can I access the diskArray!

Regular Advisor

how can I access the diskArray!

my custome said that the diskArray (HSZ40)
was giving a alarm
how can I access the diskArray from System
to examine the diskArray
systems are Alpha Server 8200
Os is digital unix 4.0D
Greg Rudd01
Occasional Contributor

Re: how can I access the diskArray!

It depends on how you want to do it.Being a good ol dec product you can either connect a serial cable from the alpha to the hsz and use tip to talk to it or the other method which is inbound where you would use hsxterm which is located in /usr/lbin.The format for the command is /usr/lbin/hsxterm -f /dev/which because you are on 4.0d will be /usr/lbin/hsxterm -f /dev/rxXXzWhere XX is the device name z is the partition
Arh well Thats how it is