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how to check HBA status in Linux 4.6

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how to check HBA status in Linux 4.6

Hi Team,


I have RHEL 4.6 and we configured multipath on it . Now some of the paths are showing as failed .

I want  to check the HBA status now.


In HpUx  I know i can do this by ioscan -fnC fcd and using fcmsutil...


Now in Linux i got some work around


1) Check the host id of that particular device using

ls -l /sys/block/sdas/device


2) If my host id is 5


cat /sys/class/scsi_host/host5/state


I did like this .. Could you please tell me what i did is correct or any other modification is required . If any one knows some good options please let me know ...


For your information we are using Emulex card so we have lpfc



Laiju C  Babu