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how to detect tape drive?

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how to detect tape drive?

how to detect the tape drive atached to the server without installing the os?

is there any thing can be checked on bios setup? & get confirmed whether tape drive is attached or not?
Steven E. Protter
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Re: how to detect tape drive?


First you go to sam kernel drivers, and get the stape driver compiled into the kernel.

That will require a boot.

Then you ioscan -fnC tape

You should see it if its not in conflict with other scsi devices.

You can boot the server and go to the ISL interferace (PA-RISC) or EFI interface (IA64) to set up a tape device without installing the OS.

Steven E Protter
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Re: how to detect tape drive?


>>>>how to detect the tape drive atached to the server without installing the os?
You didn't mention machine model no.
If its PA-RISC, you run SEARCH ; like below:

Main Menu: Enter command or menu > sea

Searching for potential boot device(s)
This may take several minutes.

To discontinue search, press any key (termination may not be immediate

If its Itanium: run 'map' on efi prompt:

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Re: how to detect tape drive?

You have posted your question in HP-UX system administration forum, so I'll assume your question is related to some hardware that is capable of running HP-UX.

There is no "BIOS" in HP-UX machines. The correct name for what you're seeking depends on the hardware architecture. In PA-RISC machines (rp models, or anything that has 9000 in its model string), it is called PDC; in Itanium servers (rx models), it is EFI.

Yes, both PDC and EFI can be used to detect a tape drive (as well as other supported storage devices) without installing the OS. But the EFI and PDC are very different: the instructions for one are not at all applicable to the other.

Listing all the possible versions for the procedures (from an old 9000/715 workstation to a top-of-the line Itanium Superdome with multiple hardware partitions) would be too much effort.

Please see the Installation Guide and/or User Guide for your hardware model at:

Or maybe tell us your hardware model, to make it easier to answer your question?

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Re: how to detect tape drive?

Thanks i got the answer.