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how to get printer model no

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how to get printer model no

Since I have over 100 printers I would like to know how to get the model number of all the printers.
Mel Burslan
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Re: how to get printer model no

there is not a surefire way of finding this out, but if you are on a hpux system, and all your printers are HP printers which was manufactured recently in the last few years, you can run

snmpwalk | grep "hp.nm.system."

provided the printers have SNMP enabled and your network admins allow SNMP queries between the server and the printers. The output will be a line which is quite irregular at length depending on printer model but somewhere in this line, you can find the model of the printer, usually following the string ";DES:"

Hope this helps
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Re: how to get printer model no

Sunny, There isn't anyway way you can know this by basic unix commands. Also depending on the tool that are installed on you system for printer management there may be some options. Tools like jetadmin(for HP printers) and xpadmin(for Xerox Printers) will show up the driver being used and if you are using driver script I am not sure if you can figure out the printer model.

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Bill Hassell
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Re: how to get printer model no

Unless you have 100% HP business printers built in the last 5-7 years, there is no possible way to gather this information. Printers were never designed to be computers so the addition of a LAN cable has led to a lot of incompatible standards. You can use hpnpadmin -v to scan all the printers using HP's JetDirect protocol. Some may respond, some may be turned off, still others don't support that protocol. Since the -v option reports a LOT of information, you might use something like this:

hpnpadmin -isSE

See man hpnpaadmin

Bill Hassell, sysadmin