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hp 11.11 extend vg

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hp 11.11 extend vg

Hi everybody,
I would like your guide about extending vg.The vg is in shared mode between two nodes (cluster) and is used for storing data.There is free space that we can use in the va7410 for extending vg and online jfs is installed.
The ux is 11.11.
Thank you for your time.
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Re: hp 11.11 extend vg

As you probably have discovered, you cannot make any LVM-level changes to a VG that is active in shared mode.

You must first deactivate the VG in one node, then you can switch the VG to exclusive mode in the other node.


Deactivating the shared VG in one node usually means halting the appropriate multi-node Serviceguard package on that node. Obviously the application must be halted on that node, as a result.


Once the VG is active in only one node, you can switch it to exclusive mode:

vgchange -a e -x <VG name>


Now you can extend the VG as usual.

  • to add new PVs (if necessary), first prepare the new PV with pvcreate, then use vgextend to add the new PV to the VG. Make sure both nodes can see the new PVs in "ioscan -fnCdisk".
  • to extend LVs using available space in the VG, use lvextend.
  • if you need to add a new LV, use lvcreate.

OnlineJFS is only needed if the LV that needs to be extended contains a filesystem (Did 11.11 even have a cluster filesystem option that did not also require VxVM?). If it contains a raw database, the database administrator should know what needs to be done to inform the database that the raw LV capacity has been increased or that new LVs have been made available.


If you add or remove any LVs or PVs, you must create a new map file for the VG, and re-import the VG to the node that is currently inactive. To create a new map file, use "vgexport -v -s -p -m /tmp/<VG name>.map <VG name>". Then copy the new map file to the inactive node, verify the minor device number of the VG with "ll /dev/<VG name>/group", export the VG, recreate the VG directory and the /dev/<VG name>/group device node using the proper minor number, then re-import the VG using the new map file.

(The procedure is the same as when making a new cluster VG available to other cluster nodes.)


Finally, switch the VG back to shared mode in the active node:

vgchange -a s -x <VG name>

 Then you can restart the multi-node package on the inactive node... which should also automatically start the appropriate application/database process(es), if your cluster is configured correctly.

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Re: hp 11.11 extend vg

Thanks for your reply.I would do that on monday and i will let you now.
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Re: hp 11.11 extend vg

I have extend successfully the vg.The procedure was as you instracted.

Thanks again.