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hp-unix full tape Recovery advice

Frequent Advisor

hp-unix full tape Recovery advice

Hello All,

Question:- Need to restore a complete fabackup tape which was taken from hp unix 9.04 to other hp-unix machine having different disk layout but volume groups, vol groups mount points, and operating system version are same.

I am afraid, if I restore tape to some other machine having different disk layout, it will restore successfully because OS, vol groups and mount points is same but after reboots disk layout will change and the system will not boot.

Can anyone advice me points to remember before restore, so that even after successful restore, I can boot machine without any issue.

Thank you all
Bill Hassell
Honored Contributor

Re: hp-unix full tape Recovery advice

Assuming that the tape is a complete copy of everything on the source machine, you cannot restore everything to the destination. Never copy anything from /dev to the destination. There are several OS files in /etc that are not portable. You should restore *only* the files and directories that are portable such as applications and data files. This will require knowledge of what belongs to the OS and what is extra.

Bill Hassell, sysadmin
Kranti Mahmud
Honored Contributor

Re: hp-unix full tape Recovery advice

Hi djoshi,

This link may help you:

Dont look BACK as U will miss something INFRONT!
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Re: hp-unix full tape Recovery advice

Thanks for help.

I have restored and manipulate the disk structure. Now everything is fine and restored works on destination. If you want I give the important steps to remember.