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hp-ux online virtual machine

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hp-ux online virtual machine

please tell me any hp site is providing online Hp-ux virtual machines ?
John Guster
Trusted Contributor

Re: hp-ux online virtual machine

not sure 100% about your question. HP does offer virtualization solution: vpar/npar; integrity virtualization; blade...which one are you looking for? Maybe take some HP online seminars to learn more about the options for VM machine.
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Re: hp-ux online virtual machine


i am getting te following message while trying to use hp online test machine. is there any other way for accessing online test machine...

"Temporary shutdown â PVP is moving

Beginning Monday May 24th 2010 the HP Partner Virtualization Program will be shutdown temporarily while the hosting systems are relocated. This process is expected to take several weeks. During this time your virtual systems will not be available. A notice will be sent to all users when the program is back online.

We strongly recommend that prior to May 24th you make backups of all your work, including anything held in archives. Once you have made your backup we request that you shut down or undeploy your system. If you have any questions regarding the backup of data please review the usage policy.

Those systems set to expire during the shutdown period will be extended and restored once the systems have been relocated. However, due to the nature of moving systems and that we do not make backups of user systems we encourage you to simply undeploy and then request new systems when the program is back online."

Re: hp-ux online virtual machine

>is there any other way for accessing online test machine.

Why would you think there is another way for PVP?
Also, if you aren't an AllianceONE member, you can't access it.