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Michael Adrian_1
Occasional Contributor


We are just starting to use the HP9000. Currently we are in the beginning
stages of learning and becoming familiar with the system, with a long way to
go. We had a power fail yesterday with the system on line and i was using SAM
at the time. After it came back up, SAM would not work and quite frankly we
have not done full backups yet. I know, bad bad. SAM was missing some
directories/files which I recreated. So now SAM works. The other issue is now
LP doesn't work. It says, can't recognize printer name. Oh another thing, we
don't have any manuals for the system. How can I order manuals for the HP9000??



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Re: hp9000

The questions on LP you need to go to the unix forum & ask the question there.

Documentation can be found online depending what it is you are looking for.
From the HP home page do a search and put in hp9000 manuals & it will give you
a list of different manuals found on the web.

You can also call pre-sales & and they can help you with product information &
Al Langen_2

Re: hp9000

Need more information about LP. Is LP a shell script or link to lp? Do you
get any errors when executing lp? Is the scheduler running (lpstat -r)?