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hpasm with DL160 ?

M Marius
Occasional Visitor

hpasm with DL160 ?

hpasm works with DL160 ?
I have new DL160, but fans work in full speed.
DL160 is cold but fans work in full speed.
I want install hpasm in sles9 to slow fans.
But i can't find info about:

hpasm works (or don't work) with DL160 ?

I can change fan speed with hpasm ?

Gokul Chandola
Trusted Contributor

Re: hpasm with DL160 ?

for this please HP Dignostic tool, if not getting any error then you have to contact HP Support.

Gokul Chandola
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David Claypool
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Re: hpasm with DL160 ?

The ProLiant Support Pack (including hpasm) is not available for ProLiant 100 series. The 100 series have IPMI-style manageability. That means that no software is necessary for fan speed regulation. Assuming you have the OpenIPMI driver loaded, you can use IPMItool to read the sensors and get fan status:

ipmitool -I open all