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hppi to print landscape and condensed?

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Michelle Alexander
Occasional Contributor

hppi to print landscape and condensed?

I am trying to configure an HP4200 printer on my hp-ux 11.11 box to print condensed landscape. The options are not in hppi so where do I permanently configure this? I have looked at the file in /etc/lp/interface/ but don't see anything that relates to the options I want to set.

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Bill Hassell
Honored Contributor

Re: hppi to print landscape and condensed?

You setup the defaults in the printer's script which is located in /etc/lp/interface/model.orig with the name = your printer queue. The scripts are lengthy and it is getting much more difficult to locate the defaults. Edit the printer script and look for:


Change "def" to "landscape" as in:


and also change pitch="def" to pitch="c"

That's it. To avoid script errors, don't print anything until you've finished editing. Now these are the nerw defaults. You can override them back to normal with:

lp -dmyprinter -o10 -oportrait /etc/hosts

These instructions work for all HJP LaserJet printer scripts in the model.orig directory (ie, the printers are installed and managed by hppi)

Bill Hassell, sysadmin

Re: hppi to print landscape and condensed?

This did not work for me, I double checked the file it was saved with the recommended changes. Does the spooler or something else have to be restarted to have this take affect?  -KJ

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Bill Hassell
Honored Contributor

Re: hppi to print landscape and condensed?

The printer scripts are run with every print job. However, there are thousands of different printers with the vast majority designed only for Windows. Printers that actually support PCL5 or lower are hard to find, especially lowcost printers.  What is the printer model? Non-HP printers will generally be incompatible. You can verify that PCL codes work immediately by using the lp options -olandscape and -oc (notice: no space after the option). If not, the printer is not PCL compatible.

Bill Hassell, sysadmin