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hpux 11.11 - live system - autopath not configured

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hpux 11.11 - live system - autopath not configured

I need some advice regarding autopath.

I've recently taken over management of a newly installed pair of hpux servers running 11.11 (clustered as well). The servers have dual fibre cards connected to EVA6100.

It appears that the last admin installed autopath:

> swlist | grep -i "secure path"
# HPswsp A.3.0F.02F.02F HP StorageWorks Secure Path Device Driver and utilities for Active-Active Disk Arrays

It's also appears configured to statup based on rc.log and the monitor process that currently running:

> ps -ef | grep -i autopath
root 376 1 0 Feb 24 ? 0:33 /sbin/autopath monitor

However, when I run command 'autopath display' I get:

AUTOPATH : no SecurePath device found

As the system is live I don't want to run autopath discover as I don't have experience with it, so I don't know what changes could result. I don't have a test system to check this out on either. Can autopath be setup without affecting a running cluster? I'm seeing some I/O issues (too much waiting on I/O in 'sar -u' output). I'm wondering if it's because autopath wasn't setup so the servers are pounding away on the LVM primary device path, and not load balancing.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks.
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Re: hpux 11.11 - live system - autopath not configured