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hpux 11.31 (pa)and netbackup 6.5.5

Mark Vollmer

hpux 11.31 (pa)and netbackup 6.5.5

I have an rp7420 divided into 3 vpars. Our rman jobs complete ok, but there is a delay between child jobs. One backup may have a parent jobs, and 5 child or sub jobs. Once the first job is complete, the second job consitstenly waits 10 minutes before the next jobs begins. It seems like a network related timeout, like a keepalive or waiting for a socket? Same config on an itanium 11.31 works fine. Any ideas?
Will L
Occasional Visitor

Re: hpux 11.31 (pa)and netbackup 6.5.5

This may seem obvious, but could it be a problem with "domain" not assigned and you are just using hostnames without the FQDN (fully qualified domain names)? Similar to how SSH has a delay if the hostname isn't in DNS for example.

Another possibility is to use "strace" tool on your process and see what it is waiting on. Could be a file open issue?