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hpux B11.11.31 high memory usage

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hpux B11.11.31 high memory usage

I am facing issue with hpux B11.11.31 o/s server always high memory usage. Not sure what is eating the memory this server having 32gb physical memory can someone suggest how to troubleshoot this. full point for correct session. 

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Re: hpux B11.11.31 high memory usage



you can use top or glance to see what process are consuming memory.




Re: HP-UX 11.31 high memory usage

What is showing the high usage?  Are you having any performance problems?

Generally a high usage is a good thing, as long as you aren't swapping.

What does "swapinfo -tam" show?

Bill Hassell
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Re: hpux B11.11.31 high memory usage

How do you know that it is high and not normal? Have any configurations such as databases changed recently?  As Dennis said, high memory usage (more than 95% for instance) is a good thing since memory is expensive and it serves no purpose not to be used. If memory usage is high, first sort the processes into memory usage with this command (exactly as shown):


    UNIX95=1 ps -e -o vsz,pid,ppid,args | sort -rn | head -20


The processes will be listed largest first.


But that isn't the only use of memory. There are shared memory segments:


     ipcs -bmop


And the buffer cache:


    kcusage filecache_max


Bill Hassell, sysadmin
Steven E. Protter
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Re: hpux B11.11.31 high memory usage

Shortcut scrip


Try it.



Steven E Protter
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