Re: hpux system slow

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hpux system slow

 Hi All,
I have a rx2600 system which is very slow. it is impossible to copy file disk to disk. we can not even install oracle on the system. there is no indicator that indicates an abnormality. can you help me to make an audit on my system? or how can i check the system to resolve the problem? 
is there a command to retrieve information systems?  there is a diagnostic command? In what directory can i go and retrieve information for systems?
OS hpux 11i V3
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Re: hpux system slow

Commands to check for current performance:

- top

- glance (if installed)


Logfiles to check:

- /var/adm/syslog/syslog.log


Always good if something is broken:


- Output of 'dmesg'


Try to find what is causing the high load and eliminate the reason for it, it sound like a disk/SAN problem if you can not even copy disk to disk, might be a broken cable or SFP. But that is just a very wild guess based on that little information.