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hpvmmigrate error connecting to target


hpvmmigrate error connecting to target


I have problem, when i do with hpvm1 to hpvm2

[root@hpvm1]# /opt/hpvm/bin/hpvmmigrate -o -P vm1 -h hpvm2

hpvmmigrate: Error connecting to target. Error string is 'Permission denied (publickey,password,keyboard-interactive,hostbased).'
hpvmmigrate: ERROR (host): Check ssh setup between this host and the remote host.

hpvm2#ssh -v hpvm2 CONNECT IS OK without root password

hpvm1#ssh -v hpvm1 CONNECT IS OK, but with root password

sshd_config is same on both hosts

What do you think is the problem?