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hyper-threading on a BL60c G5

Occasional Advisor

hyper-threading on a BL60c G5

I know there is no option to enable it, but how do we know hyper-threading is being used in a linux (SuSE) environment?

David Claypool
Honored Contributor

Re: hyper-threading on a BL60c G5

...when the operating system reports more CPUs than the processors have cores.

If this is a BL460c and you have either the hpasm (old) or hp-health (new) package loaded, you can type in,

hpasmcli "show ht"

to show the setting for HyperThreading.
Occasional Advisor

Re: hyper-threading on a BL60c G5

In my BL680c, hpasmcli "show ht" returned
This system does not support hyper-threading

I have a 4 quad core and /proc/cpuinfo shows 16. I recalled my sales rep mentioned that BL680c does not support hyper-threading any more.
Does anyone know whether it is true?
From what I check, E7320 does support hyper-threading, what am I missing?