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iLO2 Problem with Kernel

Occasional Advisor

iLO2 Problem with Kernel

Hi there,

I am trying to re-compile a new kernel. I have taken the .config file from the original kernel that was installed with SLES10 SP2 ( I compiled a pristine version of the kernel and booted the server. The server boots up fine but trying to use the Remote Console does not accept keyboard inputs. When booting with the original kernel it works without a problem.

I have gone through the config and all the USB and HID modules are set for compiling. I have done an lsmod on the working original kernel and this is what I get :
usbcore - usbhid,ehci_hcd,uhci_hcd
All those are set in the new kernel, but still not able to get it going.

It is a BL460 G6 blade.

Help would be much appreciated.

Thank you.
Occasional Advisor

Re: iLO2 Problem with Kernel

Got this working.

If you would like to know this is how:
Make sure you have in /etc/sysconfig/kernel in the INITRD_MODULES line uhci_hcd usbcore usbhid.

redo a mkinitrd or recompile (make; make modules_install; make install) for your kernel.

All working now.

Closing thread.
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Re: iLO2 Problem with Kernel

Posted solution above