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Philip Dunn_1
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icap terminology

Hi guys,
Please excuse my ignorance, I'm having a bit of trouble with the terminology in the icap documentation...

We have a standby rx7640 which according to icapstatus has 3 normal (shared amoung 2 vpars) & 5 icap processors (which are activated if the serviceguard package fails over to this node)

Local nPartition Status
Total number of configured cores: 8
Number of Intended Active cores: 3
Number of active cores: 3
Number of inactive cores: 5

We have a temporay capacity licence, however could we turn one (or more) of these icap processors into normal processors permanently (obviously by paying)?
Is this the right to use (RTU) thing that is mentioned in the documentation rather than the Temporary Capacity?

If so how would we go about this?

Thanks for any help you can give in clearing this up. Many points on offer.


Re: icap terminology

Yes you can turn them into real permanently activated processors and yes this is the RTU license.

As to how you go about this - you tell HP or your reseller how many cores you want to permanently activate, what HP software you have on the servers, and what support level you have. You should then get back a quote that includes the RTU, plus licenses for your HP software and extra support costs for the activated cores plus software.

If you decide to purchase this, then once ordered you should receive a HP order number. You take that order number and an audit snapshot of your server gathered using "icapstatus -s" and visit the Utility Pricing portal here:

In that site you use the info you've gathered to generate a codeword which you then apply to your system using "icapmodify -C ".

Thats pretty much all there is to it...



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Geoff Wild
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Re: icap terminology

Yes, as Duncan says - oince you get a license, then you apply it:

icapmodify -C XXXXXXX.qxEGbW6.G05MRHE.Bagjgnx-3jPKLDJ.FfchiMg.tKqPi0N.XXXXXXX

So you are using SG to add/remove cpu's?

Interesting - we decided to go with GWLM instead....

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Philip Dunn_1
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Re: icap terminology

Many thanks for your help

Have a good day