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ide-cd: cmd 0x25 timed out

Chris Hasler

ide-cd: cmd 0x25 timed out

I have three DL585 G2s servers all running the same system ROM, RHEL 4.5 kernel 2.6.9-55.

On two of the server I continually receive the following errors in the kernel log:

ide-cd: cmd 0x25 timed out
hda: lost interrupt
cdrom_pc_intr: The drive appears confused (ireason = 0x01)

A smartctl -a /dev/hda on the server that does not have the issue results in the following:

Device Model: TSSTcorpCDW/DVD TS-L462D
Serial Number: [No Information Found]
Firmware Version: HG01
Device is: Not in smartctl database [for details use: -P showall]
ATA Version is: 7
ATA Standard is: Exact ATA specification draft version not indicated
Local Time is: Mon Jan 18 15:24:11 2010 CST
SMART support is: Unavailable - Packet Interface Devices [this device: CD/DVD] don't support ATA SMART
A mandatory SMART command failed: exiting. To continue, add one or more '-T
permissive' options.

The same command on the servers with the issue hangs and the process can't be killed.

Any information on this issue would be appreciated.

Chris H.
Horia Chirculescu
Honored Contributor

Re: ide-cd: cmd 0x25 timed out


Based on ATAPI specs, 0x25 is "READ CAPACITY".

Try to use a CD (not a DVD media). If it works, then the hardware is faulty or the lens are not clean. Combos uses 2 laser wavelengths, 2 LED's.

If it is not working with a CD (use some original CD not a re-writed one), the drive is damaged.

Best regards,
Best regards from Romania,