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ignite backup

Viney Kumar
Regular Advisor

ignite backup

i want to take ignite backup with make_tape_recovery cmd on remote tape drive. It is possible or not

im using following cmd but it is not working
#make_tape_recovery -A -I -v -a hostname:/dev/rmt/0mn

pls help
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Re: ignite backup

Hi Viney,

It looks like make_tape_recovery is not possible with remote tape drives. Please have a look on these threads.

make_net_recovery could be a better option!

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Re: ignite backup

Ignite backup cannot be taken on remote tape drive.

You have to configure ignite server or connect tape drive localy.
Viney Kumar
Regular Advisor

Re: ignite backup

thanks to all
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Re: ignite backup

Ignite is only recommend for Locally Attached Tape drive, since recovering the server will create issue.

In your environment, you could opt to go for an Ignite Server, which allow you to take the ignite backup on the Ignite server.
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Johnson Punniyalingam
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Re: ignite backup

Hi Viney,

>> i want to take ignite backup with make_tape_recovery cmd on remote tape drive. It is possible or not <<

NO, Big NO.. not possible. You need to use Ignite Server.

make_net_recovery is used to make a recovery archive on disk, usually and NFS mount on another machine.

In general, tape drives are not something that can be shared machine to machine.

For recovery, though you can boot off your built in lan card and recover off that disk.

All you need to get the image to tape is fbackup.

I've tried recoverying HP boxes of shareable, remote tape devices like surestore ultrium tapes. That's currently not supported.

So I guess I'd like to know what good the recovery tape made on a nother machine is going to be in recovering the source machine.

The better thing to do is upgrade to Ignite 4.1.62 and set up an Ignite image server. You can make_net_recovery all your system images there, and boot off the sucker, recovering systems without tape.

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