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ignite recovery error.

Regular Advisor

ignite recovery error.

Hi ,

please suggest to resolve the following :---

During the ignite recovery of server B.11.11 U 9000/800 (64 bit), it gives me the following error.


make_medialif: ERROR: Unsupported local system OS release value ("B.11.11"); no "/opt/ignite/boot/Rel_B.11.11" directory exists on this system. Either that release is not supported by Ignite-UX or the needed install kernel and RAM file system files are not installed on this system. Invoke "make_medialif -?" for a usage summary.
ERROR: System Error, /opt/ignite/bin/make_medialif failed creating boot LIF
ERROR: Failed to generate LIF on tape .

======= 03/31/09 11:41:20 EDT make_tape_recovery completed unsuccessfully

(2) Detail of ignite ux software installed on server is ---

swlist -l product | grep -i ignite

Ignite-UX C.6.10.97 HP-UX System Installation Services

swlist -l fileset |grep Ignite

Ignite-UX C.6.10.97 HP-UX System Installation Services
Ignite-UX.CD-TOOLS C.6.10.97 Tools for creating CD media
Ignite-UX.CD-TOOLS-DOC C.6.10.97 Documentation for CD-TOOLS
Ignite-UX.CD-TOOLS-SRC C.6.10.97 Source for CD-TOOLS
Ignite-UX.DVD-TOOLS C.6.10.97 Tools for creating DVD media
Ignite-UX.DVD-TOOLS-DOC C.6.10.97 Documentation for DVD-TOOLS
Ignite-UX.DVD-TOOLS-SRC C.6.10.97 Source for DVD-TOOLS
Ignite-UX.MGMT-TOOLS C.6.10.97 Tools for Managing Data Files on an Ignition Server
Ignite-UX.RECOVERY C.6.10.97 System disaster recovery tools

kindly suggest how to resolve this-

Thank you lindly
Steven E. Protter
Exalted Contributor

Re: ignite recovery error.


This archive is not good. I don't think there is anything you can do to fix it.

To diagnose the cause and avoid it happening again you should look at the log of the image build. Clearly there was some problem with it, or perhaps there is a bug in this version of Ignite.

I know its not great news.

It could also be possible the Ignite image is not compatible with the target system. This would be a hardware issue.

Do you know the model number of the source and destination system?

Steven E Protter
Owner of ISN Corporation
T G Manikandan
Honored Contributor

Re: ignite recovery error.

I would suggest you to download the Ignite version from the web which should support all systems and the software from media would only support the targeted version.

Check release notes here

and software from here
Regular Advisor

Re: ignite recovery error.


I have exported the non root volume group (/dev/lathapp) before booting from tape and while recovering bootable image from tape we getting error, please refer attachment.

It is not giving the window of " welcome to the hp-ux installation /recovery processor " and "advance installation mode".

please suggest.

Thank you Kindly

Honored Contributor

Re: ignite recovery error.

your screen shot gives no indication of how the tape was created. If you didn't provide the -i switch, then it won't automatically bring up the advanced stuff and must be interrupted. See: