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insf -e is very slow on eva8400 |

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insf -e is very slow on eva8400 |

Dear All,
we have a question. the recent relocated server, when we run the insf -e, but its very very slow and autopath discover also very slow and we can't see the virtual device (/hpap/dsk/hpapX).
the server is runnig on hpux 11.23,secure path 3.0f sp4 patch 1.
and the server connected to new eva8400 (XCS 09522000) and san switch (brocade DCX runnig FOS 6.3). Hope to hear from you. Many thanks in advance
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Re: insf -e is very slow on eva8400 |

Hi Apple,

>> the recent relocated server

Are the server and the storage got relocated or only the Server? If both shifted, are there any changes?

Do you see any abnormalities in ioscan? I beleive the communication part has been checked already.

Also please check the Firmware of the HBAs ... Is there any other server in the setup? Are they face any issues?
Michael Steele_2
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Re: insf -e is very slow on eva8400 |


This is probably a thread that should appear under SAN Storage instead of HP-UX and a moderator may redirect it their.

I've never seen latentcy in a SAN unless their were zone problems. So this is not an HP-UX issue and I'd push back and have the zones rechecked. Ask questions like: soft or hard zone? HOws man directors (* HBAs in a disk array *) in the array? Should we add more directors.
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