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HPUX 11.31

What would cause insf to run on its own?

Every so often in syslog we we see several

Jun 12 08:42:49 sfd[3367]: started 'insf' to create device special files for newly found devices.
Jun 12 08:42:50 sfd[3367]: execution of 'insf' completed.

doesn't seem to have a pattern, so event must call that to run.

Anyone know what that might be or shed some light into that?

Patrick Wallek
Honored Contributor

Re: insf

The 2 things I know of that would cause insf to run: 1) A reboot 2) Someone doing it manually.

I know of no system process that causes insf to run.
Occasional Advisor

Re: insf

This behaviour is normal for hp-ux 11i v3. OS run insf.
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Re: insf

Well the syslog clearly says that insf is invoked by sfd. sfd runs out of /etc/inittab This doc says that it would go away in 11.31 but it has not.
sujit kumar singh
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Re: insf


as 11iv3 finds a new device , it scans and runs an insf for that, that is evident if you add new disks and or partitions to a new disk.

Steven E. Protter
Exalted Contributor

Re: insf


When 11.31 detects a new device of any kind, insf is run.

It may be run regularly, but that fact I don't remember. I've seen the auto run capacity.

Previous versions of HP-UX insf only runs at boot time or when root runs it.

Steven E Protter
Owner of ISN Corporation
Maxim Yakimenko
Super Advisor

Re: insf

Hi, collegues

I have the same case.

syslog reports insf start by sfd every 20 minutes and says that "above message repeats 280 times"

I see that insf start is normal on 11.31 but is it normal that sfd start insf 280 times?