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install ttf font on B.11.23


install ttf font on B.11.23

hello all.

i've searched the forum, but no approach seems to work, so i need to ask.

i need that an java app get able to find a nonstandard font.

i'm actyally copying the new font to


but just do it seems to be not sufficient.

some tutorials asks me to run

mkfontdir /lib/X11/fonts/

as root, but if i do that the fonts.dir file gets empty.

what can i do (since even install the font properly is failing) in order to correctly install those fonts? should i try another directory?

any help is welcome.
Steven Schweda
Honored Contributor

Re: install ttf font on B.11.23

> [...] a nonstandard font.

Which "a nonstandard font"?

I know nothing, but what, exactly, did you
put into "/lib/X11/fonts/"?
(Is that a new directory, or an existing
one?) Does this new file look anything like
any of the existing font files?

> [...] mkfontdir [...]

Any error messages?

> [...] should i try another directory?

Why did you choose this directory?

Re: install ttf font on B.11.23

hi, thanks for the answer.

actually i've worked a bit on this problem,

now i'm using the /usr/lib/X11/fonts/misc directory, since that does not appear on my fontpath.

i'm also aren't using mkfontdir anymore, i'm using stmkdirs because it works.

as a test, i've copied a font called vrinda.ttf in the misc directory and then issued that command:

stmkdirs /usr/lib/X11/fonts/misc

and then it generated a new fonts.dir file, with the new font inside.

later i've executed

xset fp rehash

got and error, but on some other thread they advised to remove coments on fonts.alias files, if any, and later that got no error messages (which seems ok, i don't know) and restarted the xfs service

/sbin/init.d/xfs stop ; /sbin/init.d/xfs start

note that later that xlsfonts still unable to show me the new font.

is there any step that i'm missing?

for now since the app needing the font is an java app, i threw the font inside $JAVA_HOME/jre/lib/fonts and later that the app recogized the font instantly.

i would like to know what i'm missing, since it isn't a "system wide" solution.