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integration of older gdm

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integration of older gdm

I have to create a iso dvd image of SLES 10 SP 2 x864, that contains the gdm from SLES 10 SP1.

i.e please help me create the iso image of sles10-sp2 that contains gdm- instead of gdm-

I tried to do the above as
1, copied the sles10sp2x864 on filesystem as /sles10sp2
2, removed the gdm from /sles10/suse/x86_64
3, copied the gdm- from SP1 to /sles10sp2/suse/x86_64/
4, edit the /sles10sp2/suse/setup/desc/packages

changed the following
gdm =
gdm =

then made the iso with the following command
mkisofs -r -o sles10sp2x864.iso -J /sles10sp2

but when I tried to install via the sles10sp2x864.iso YaST/installer gives checksum error.

Please help