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io - errors on lvd attached scsi tape drive

Tom Bellavia
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io - errors on lvd attached scsi tape drive

The server is rx2600. I have installed a LVD pci card to eliminate the on-board lvd card.
I can boot either W2003 or 11.23 v2. with is machine. Its setup for dual boot.
When I boot W2003, The drive works fine. The drive is a c6369A. Its come up as a 59xx type dds-4 under windows.
When I boot HPUX, The system complains about excessive I/O errors and I don't see the drive with the ioscan command. Because it works under W2003, We can eliminate h/w issues. Am I missing a patch?
I loaded the STAPE mod in the kernal.
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Re: io - errors on lvd attached scsi tape drive

Maybe you are using an unsupported SCSI card?

I really don't know...

Consider to send the "ioscan -fn" first.

Hope this helps!

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