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ioscan description for XP24000 is XP12000

Steven A. Yakes
Occasional Visitor

ioscan description for XP24000 is XP12000

On hp-ux 11.31 Superdome connected to XP24000 only, the command

ioscan -fknNC ctl

returns the wrong description (partial)

Class I H/W Path Driver S/W State H/W Type Description

ctl 46 64000/0xfa00/0x7e esctl CLAIMED DEVICE HP OPEN-XP12000

xpinfo seems to know it's and XP24000

Device File : /dev/rdisk/disk450 Model : XP24000

Anyone seen this before, or know of a fix?

Steven E. Protter
Exalted Contributor

Re: ioscan description for XP24000 is XP12000


I've seen the same behavior from MSA-1000 disks showing up in an MSA-1500 unit as MSA-1000 disks.

It is fairly typical, the XP2400 and XP1200 share a lot of technology.

Steven E Protter
Owner of ISN Corporation
Steven A. Yakes
Occasional Visitor

Re: ioscan description for XP24000 is XP12000

Hi, hope you're doing well.

I though perhaps the array itself had it's description correct because of xpinfo, but

scsimgr inquiry -D /dev/pt/pt46


Peripheral Device Type: 0xc (Array Controller)
Peripheral Qualifier: 0 (Peripheral Device Connected)
Removable Media: No
Device Type Qualifier: 0
ISO Version: 0
ECMA Version: 0
ANSI Version: 2
Terminate I/O Process: No
Response Data Format: 2 (SCSI-2)
Additional Length: 207
Relative Addressing Support: No
Linked Command Support: No
Command Queuing Support: Yes
Support for 16 Bit Transfers: No
Support for 32 Bit Transfers: No
Synchronous Data Transfers: No
Soft Reset Support: No
Vendor Identification: "HP "
Product Identification: "OPEN-XP12000 "
Product Revision Level: "5001"
Vendor Specific Data: 35 30 20 30 32 37 38 37 "50 02787"
30 33 31 30 20 31 43 20 "0310 1C "
01 01 01 01 " "

So perhaps this just for compatibility as you suggest.