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k580 hang on reboot

Michael Murphy_2
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k580 hang on reboot

Hello - i had an expansion slot replaced due to not seeing any disks or cards on it - now after a reboot we are having issues of hanging during boot - listing is below - boot to primary or mirror both fail (pri is 10/4/4.6.0 and mirror is 10/16/4.6.0 - there is also an ignite tape that is in a drive) - any clue about this hang or other checks i can do on hardware from ISL?:
Main Menu: Enter command or menu > sea

Searching for potential boot device(s)
This may take several minutes.

To discontinue search, press any key (termination may not be immediate).

Path# Device Path (dec) Device Path (mnem) Device Type
----- ----------------- ------------------ -----------
8/8.8 Fibre Channel interface
8/12.8 Fibre Channel interface
P2 10/0.6 fwscsi.6 Random access media
P3 10/0.5 fwscsi.5 Random access media
P4 10/0.4 fwscsi.4 Random access media
P5 10/0.3 fwscsi.3 Random access media
P6 10/4/4.3 Random access media
P7 10/4/4.4 Random access media
P8 10/4/4.5 Random access media
P9 10/4/4.6 Random access media
P10 10/12/5.2 sescsi.2 Random access media
P11 10/12/5.0 sescsi.0 Sequential access media
P12 10/12/6.0 lan.0 LAN Module
P13 10/16/4.3 Random access media
P14 10/16/4.4 Random access media
P15 10/16/4.5 Random access media
P16 10/16/4.6 Random access media

Main Menu: Enter command or menu > bo P16
Interact with IPL (Y, N, or Cancel)?> y

Boot IO Dependent Code (IODC) revision 7

HARD Booted.

ISL Revision A.00.38 OCT 26, 1994

ISL> hpux -is

: disc(10/16/4.6.0;0)/stand/vmunix
7497356 + 585728 + 5393248 start 0x1dcfe8
NOTICE: autofs_link(): File system was registered at index 3.
NOTICE: nfs3_link(): File system was registered at index 5.
ALERT: fcT1 (0, 335, 8/8) Resetting Tachyon (Bogus trans-id)
ALERT: fcT1 (0, 1659, 8/12) Resetting Tachyon (Bogus trans-id)
btlan1: Initializing 10/100BASE-T card at 10/4/8.......
Logical volume 64, 0x4 configured as ROOT
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Re: k580 hang on reboot

Seems there is a FC issue. Pls contact HP Support. Regards, Awadhesh
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