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The current state of kcalarm has monitoring off.

kcalarm -m status shows off.

When I run kcalarm -m on
I get an error message - Alarm request has been rejected.

Peter Godron
Honored Contributor

Re: kcalarm

anything useful in /etc/opt/resmon/log/client.log ?

Can you please also update/reward your earlier posts:
Seems you have not awarded any points and some of the thread are awaiting your feedback/closure.

Re: kcalarm

This is what was found in the log.

-------------------Start Event--------------------
Event 60 occurred at Wed Nov 15 13:38:24.090735 2006
Process ID: 25637 (kcalarm) Log Level: Error
rm_get: Null object
-------------------End Event----------------

As to updating other threads - most are completed. I need to check with a co-worker on the one that remains open.

Re: kcalarm

This command fixed one of the servers.

emscli -a /system/kernel_parameters/history

When I run this command on remaining server with the issue. I get a timeout error?
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Re: kcalarm

Hi I'm having same issue when I tried to turn kernel monitoring ON with command kcalarm -m on... I get message "ERROR: Alarm request confirmation failed."
And also have made a test to add a new alarm just to see what happens and I'm having samge message, Can someone help me?